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8/28/2015                                   It's that time people!!! Here we come Gateway Geek Fest! Come check us out and be looking for updates through this weekend!

8/29/2015                                Things are going well here at GateWay, we are getting good feedback so thats a plus!!

9/5/2015                                    We will be at Pixel Pop Festival in Stl on the 12 so come check out all the great stuff thats gonna be there!

9/12/2015                                     At Pixel Pop in Stl and it is going great. Having a fun time meeting all the indie devs.

9/12/2015                                 Just met the guys at tag (theauthenticgamer.com) they are awesome people check them out!            

10/2/2015                                       Just got invited to speak at the Southwestern Illinois College on the 29th!

10/5/2015                                       The guys over at tag (theauthenticgamer.com) just put a developer spotlight up of us!!! Click the link to check it out!!                                                           

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Void Softworks: Step into the Void

Hello, We are Void Softworks an up and coming video game development company. We strive to bring you the best interactive experience possible. We feel as though our dedication to you should be second to none, and that your enjoyment of our products is our sole priority.

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History of Void Softworks

Void Softworks is a relatively young company. We started out as just three guys modding games that wanted to do more with the talent we have. So in late 2012 we talked about starting our own game studio and by the beginning of 2013 Void Softworks was created. We started out trying to make a game that was way over our heads, like most people with a dream. We ended up realizing that the idea we had was to big for our small company and turned our focus to smaller more managable games. By early 2014, we released End.User, our first game on the apple marketplace. The game was a personal success for the team in that it made us realize that we could make and release a game, even if it wasn't a commercial success.  Despite the underwhelming success of our first game we were determined to make something that we all were proud of, so we started concept on our next attempt. During this concept stage we lost one of our members, which was a unexpected hurdle that we had to overcome. By late 2014 we had a solid concept and were ready for another go at it.  Now in 2015 we have a larger team and more dedication to make our dreams a reality.

Support Us!

We have a GoFundMe going so that people can donate if they feel inclined to. Just hop over to our page and donate! Find it at www.gofundme.com/voidsoftworks

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